As a student you will be asked if you are taking any medication, over the counter prescription, homeopathic, self medication or recreational, this is so that we are checking that all students are legal and fit to drive, we may ask you to consult the GP or consultant giving you the medication to ensure that each rider is LEGAL to ride, it is the RIDERS RESPONSIBILITY to read all patient information leaflets and NOT the responsibility of the GP or DVSA

students need to inform their prescribing agent ie GP to their wish to ride/drive, and if you have more than 1 medication then we will need a letter from the surgery to confirm that the medications as a single or combination allow the client to ride, ALL GPs/prescribing agent are legally obliged to check the records and advise if the patient is legally allowed to drive on the prescription or prescriptions given are , it may require a medication review

If your surgery is reluctant then print this page and show it to your GP or consultant

Note to GPs or Consultant,

it is a criminal offence to drive under the influence of drugs and Alcohol, our insurance requires students to confirm their fitness to ride and some clients are unsure how to qualify this if taking prescription medication, This is why the person presenting this request is asking for assistance in confirming if they need to change medication or abstain from riding or driving, as a practitioner we understand that your patient may not tell you they intend to drive, but all too often we are presented with clients whom are NOT fit to drive while taking medication, this is why we need a medically qualified person to help confirm this as our staff are not medically trained but you are and know the prescriptions your provide and understand your patients medical history

Why have we posted this policy?

The reason for this is to ensure the safety of the rider , our staff and the public from injury that can be cause by side effect from medication either singular or combinations of medications, it is our experience that many students simply keep taking products that may conflict with others or combine to make students unfit to ride due to side effects,

Any person applying to drive a bus, lorry or fork lift will be asked to have a medical and we ask that this client also have a check to ensure their fitness to ride, students should be able to access this confirmation form their surgery, otherwise insurance will be null and void, meaning that while driving and taking medication would be a offence of the road traffic act