— Please print and complete this form and bring it with you on your first day of training —

When you attend any of our courses, we ask that you adhere to the following requirements. These are mainly for your own safety but is also a legal requirement set by the DVSA.

  • You need the plastic card of your licence. This should also have the appropriate entitlement. You can also check your entitlements online however we require the physical card.
  • For all full licence courses you will require a theory test pass certificate (unless you are upgrading with 2 years on an A1 or A2).
  • For the CBT we require you to have read and have an understanding of the highway code. It is a legal requirement to have read the highway code and to keep up-to-date with the latest releases.

Clothing Requirements:

Mantis would like to ask all students to obtain Helmets (ECE 22.05 or 22.06 Approved), Jackets, Gloves (and waterproofs if required). We however require you to dress suitable and follow our rules on clothing listed below.,* We have some helmets available to loan but these are at your own risk as it is not possible to ensure they are covid clear 

  • Suitable shoes that cover the ankle. Motorcycle boots are preferred however we also allow solid walking boots or work boots. If you come in trainers or shoes that are deemed unsuitable (no flip-flops please!) we will not allow training to progress and you will forfeit your training fee.
  • Jeans or CE approved motorcycle trousers. We will not allow you to train with us if you are wearing jogging bottoms or any trousers that have limited abrasion properties.
  • You need to dress for the weather conditions, if its cold we advise wear multiple thinner layers to keep warm; if it is hot wear less layers.

Physical Requirement:

It is paramount that you are in a physically suitable condition to operate a motorcycle. If our instructors feel you are unfit to operate on the day you arrive we will not continue the training on that day. Below are some of the examples that will result in no training.

  • Under the influence of drugs (both legal and illegal). for GP letter requests please see your drugs and medication policy
  • Under the influence of alcohol.
  • Students who are over tired or overstimulated on caffeine
  • Students must also be fit and well in terms of physical and mental health and an instructor May refuse to take you on road or to test if they deem you to be unfit .