At Mantis Motorcycle Training we have also invested in bikes including the fantastic Yamaha MT07s and Honda CB600F as our DAS bikes. to ensure learners have a learning experience on a machine that is current in the bike market place, and constantly strive to keep well maintained morden equipment

Our ever faithful onsite workshop looks after the schools bikes exclusively ensuring that every student that trains with Mantis Motorcycles can ride in confidence, knowing that they will be using a modern and well maintained machine. We also work closely with Inta bikes for our MOTs and routine maintenance parts.  Mantis Motorcycling recommends Intas for all your biking needs.

Terms and conditions for all bookings

All bookings will require a DEPOSIT to secure the booking and as such forms terms and conditions of the booking, without a deposit we will not offer a slot this is due to people failing to honor the commitment to the appointment, CBT courses require £50 NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT and full licence courses require a £100 deposit this is non refundable also this is due to the fact we do not receive refunds on the slots from DVSA, At point of booking this is verbally explained to clients BEFORE any payment is made and as such form a verbal agreement to our terms and conditions of service , if a client fails to disclose a material fact about their licence or medical history then the training school can cancel all training with out notice

all clients must provide a functioning telephone number and respond to their booking email otherwise training can be cancelled by the school,

all damage to motorcycle belonging to the school if malicious is the financial responsibility of the client and as such booking means you accept this, any damages cause by the student failling to follow the instructions given by any one working for the training school will also be the liability of the client

We and our admin staff operate a ZERO tolerance policy towards abuse and the lady on the telephones will not speak to clients if they swear at her , Our instructors can terminate ANY course if there is a safety concern including CBTs , IF a rider FAILS to read the Highways code and learn the rules of the road any rebooked appointments are subject to a £50 charge this is at the instructor discretion if they believe this is due to the student needing further development , this is NO LONGER waived for LACK of HIGHWAY CODE KNOWLEDGE

availability of courses is subject to demand we endevour to provide training courses as promptly but this is subject to demand

We cannot offer safety equipment to students due to COVID we do however have a modest supply of safety gear that can be bought and kept by the student including a limited selection of new helmets for £50 . Motorcycle boots for £50 and motorcycle trainers for £85. Gloves will need to be supplied by the student. and must be LEATHER not polyester or nylon

A1 (125cc Full Licence), A2(restricted Licence) and DAS courses now cost the following: 3 days @ £690 4 days @ £790 5 days @ £890 this includes a Mod 1 & 2 but excludes a CBT. To include a CBT into one of our packages please call to discuss, students must also pay for, sit and pass a theory test. THIS IS BOOKED VIA THE DIRECT GOV WEBSITE and is needed in order to move forward for a full licence or restricted licence, IF an instructors includes a CBT with a course this is by a separate cost to be confirmed

Please note if students fail Mod 1 they forfeit the Mod 2 to the DVSA. Mod 1 retake prices are set at £100 including test fee MOD2 retake £200 including test fee. Back to biking and advance training such as cornering and simple courses like carrying of pillion and how to tie on to a trailer start from £140 for 3 hours

We also offer big bike intros which is a day to ride a bigger bike without the pressure of a full course and tests. This is a really positive and gentle way to get to grips with the weight and size of a 500cc bike this is £120 for 4 hours.

This is our first price change in 8 years we strive to look after your pockets as much as we can, but increased insurance costs and the ever rising cost of petrol has led to this. We are confident that you will still enjoy our great service and continue to support us as a training school as of 13th May 2020 we are able to offer some limited services with the careful easing of the lockdown whilst still observing social distancing. Currently on the limited menu is CBTs, CBT Plus, back to biking, refresher training, and Advance rider training assessments to work out correct length of course to purchase (and still FREE). We can also offer bespoke courses on the correct way to carry a pillion, advanced cornering as well as bike maintenance and safe trailer attachments.

We will also be Trialling a new service Highway code reader service and theory training this is offered at £10ph and can be done via messenger or in person please remember we also have limiter PPE in stock budget items at budget prices as we still cannot loan out school equipment to ensure that the spread of Corvid 19 is still being halted in its tracks.

Thank you to past and present patrons let’s all keep moving in 2022 while we all work together to beat this virus and look forward to the open road.